18 Jun

Inspire now live & interactive at www.penyards.tv

Inspire now live & interactive at www.penyards.tv

Since the winter edition of Inspire 2011we have increased our market coverage by adding two more office in Brockenhurst and Burley in the New Forest. This brings our total number of offices, including London, to nine; it also extends our territorial coverage to over 400 square miles of the county spilling over to Wiltshire and Dorset. This is a significant move, the strategy for growth in our business is born out of our sense of optimism that 2012 will herald the change in market conditions. Whilst our ambitions do not exceed to pre-recessionary levels of activity, we do anticipate more and speedier transactions, increased demand and a slow but sustainable rise in values. This is not a broad brush stroke approach to the whole of the UK market, more an interpretation of the trading patterns we expect in our niche country market and across Hampshire, although I expect most of southern England to fare quite well. For Penyards it means more offices, more staff, more advertising and marketing, particularly on a national scale with increased emphasis on our ever growing profile with the London buyers it also provides the platform to compete at the highest levels.

Of course we hope you enjoy reading this magazine, it is, as the name suggests, inspired by all things quality. It is a unique brand and exclusive to Penyards, it also forms part of the ‘Inspire’ range of supplements that we produce throughout the area because we know that only 50% of advertising works, the question is, which 50%? Therefore the more you do the greater the prospect of success. A common philosophy for all, a property needs to be seen to be sold – so advertise it! And we are proud to boast that no one does more of that than we do. I hope you enjoy this edition but please let us know your thoughts on gevans@penyards.com.

Graham Evans

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