13 Aug

Congratulations Team GB

Congratulations Team GB

More often than not when British sports men pursue a particular goal there is much hype and hysteria rarely matched by performance. But for London 2012 this is one of those rare exceptions and indeed exceptional it was. From the concept to delivery the organisation should meet with considerable applause from the military to the volunteers the country owes its debt of gratitude but for the athletes themselves London 2012 was a resounding success with some truly remarkable and memorable achievements that will be marked down in history and some records could reign supreme for many years to come. Team GB were hoped to excel but not perhaps expected but WOW did they do the business. Individuals, a team and a nations performance to be proud of.

I was unable to find fault with any part of the staging of these events or indeed anyone that participated my only negative came after we had been victorious in many of the disciplines and that was as a result with an interview with David Cameron. I am an ‘A’ political person with truly no allegiance to any particular party so I might have made these comments whoever stepped forward but in a BBC interview our dearly beloved David used the word ‘we’ when he referred to the success of the nation, the success of team GB and the athletes themselves, these people have earned the respect that is now showered upon them, you Mr Cameron have some considerable way to go before you can use the word ‘we’ and ‘achievement’ in the same sentence. Some of these athletes bravely and boldly change their diet, their training and even their coach to ensure that they are able to deliver when called to the starting blocks. Sometimes we all have to recognise when it is time to change, hopefully you might start to consider that yourself over the coming days and weeks. Otherwise I feel your own personal legacy and that of the coalition government will pale into insignificance in comparison to London 2012.

Graham Evans, Managing Director, Penyards Country Properties


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